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FREE - Newfoundland Novelty Items
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FREE - Newfoundland Novelty Items Emergency Card for your Newfoundland

  1. Fill in the information legibly (one card for each newf)
  2. Fold card in half under the last grey line
  3. Cut just outside the black outline of the card
  4. Place photo (either head shot or side view) on the back of the card
  5. Laminate (leave minimum 1/8" edging all around card to retain water-resistance).  Leave a larger edge on the left side if you want to Punch a Whole to have it on your newf's collar or crate

Ideas on where to keep the card(s):

  • Glove Compartment of your vehicle(s)
  • Wallet
  • Grooming Bag
  • Fanny/Back Pack for those hikes
  • Hooked to the crate (use a shower hook or zip tie)

CLICK ON IMAGE TO ACCESS THE PDF FILE TO PRINT OUT - it may look a little fuzzy, but when printed it is crystal clear!


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