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FREE - Newfoundland Novelty Items
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Anyone who loves these big balls of fur will take great pleasure in perusing this site...  Unique Newfoundland Dog items and gifts, novelty items, and must-haves!!!

FREE - Newfoundland Novelty Items   FREE - MOST EVERYTHING ON THIS SITE IS FREE!!!  FREE - Newfoundland Novelty Items

I am proudly owned by BamBam and just can't get enough of him... so I can relate to the passion. 

New, exclusive Newf products are constantly being added to the site. 
Please check back soon and thank you for your patronage.

If you have any questions, please send me a woof!


Finding the traveling Newfs to be in your way when trying to click on a link?
Isn't that just like them, you're always in "their way" (lol)!


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